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May is for Mothers

This May we celebrate the amazing mothers who have made our Business grow. Mothers make up 80% of our clients. We have so many different amazing mothers who have supported us over time from our days selling from Home until we were able to make our first shop. Here is a look into some of those fantastic mothers and some of the most.

1. Patience Musa

Radio and Bank ABC’s own Patience Musa has been a strong source of support and wisdom from the very beginning. She does everything she can for her son and has often helped us grow our brand with no expectations in return. Like all mothers, she does not expect anything in return except for us to constantly grow and improve. She has a huge collection including 4 best-sellers like the 20-inch double-drawn full frontal, the Brenda pixie, the razor cut and the highlighted curly wig with a fringe.

Patience Musa rocking a 20 inch double drawn

2. Janet Manyowa

Janet Manyowa has a personality that matches her amazing voice. When she came to get her wigs she brought her daughter to our store to help her pick. Many powerful women often seek their opinions of their children when making a decision on which wig to get and it was a beautiful moment to see her daughter help her pick. She chose the best-selling wig of 2023 so far 10 inch double-drawn glueless bob and the bohemian tight curl.

Janet Manyowa 10 inch double drawn Bob

3. Mrs Lucy Moyo

Mrs Lucy Moyo is a supportive caring mother always wishing the best for her family and her daughter especially. Running one of Harare’s most successful spas, she constantly looks for ways to push those around her. Her actions have always been to push her daughter Shashl to greater heights and support her in every possible way she can. Her love for colour helped inspire these two beautiful wigs

22 Inch Golden Hazel Grade 13A full frontal Inspired by Lucy Moyo

4. Evangelist Rumbidzai Nyamanza

One of the most inspirational ladies in the country she has always given us honest feedback on everything. She has a whole collection of our wigs and is quick to push to do better in our business. She was the first person to get our new braided wig which has become a hit worldwide and plenty of referred customers to her name. Our growth would not exist without her

Rumbidzai Nyamanza

5. Rumbidzai Takawira

Wildlife Bae is constantly on the road touring the country promoting wildlife conservation in the country and across the continent. But when she is not on the road saving animals she is on the road with her son often seen supporting all his football games. She has travelled to Spain to watch him play and is her son’s biggest fan. She is a committed mom. Her collection includes the best-selling wig of 2022 the Long Pixie and the 30-inch grade 13A full frontal.

Rumbidzai Takawira 30-inch grade 13A full frontal

Don’t forget to purchase your wig this Mother’s May and save big with our Mother’s May Promotion. The offer ends on the 31st of May.

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